Great Hall

The Great Hall at the Frankfurter Hof is ideal for concerts, conventions, and presentations for up to six hundred attendees, and provides a perfect atmosphere for your company presentation or event.

Even in times of Covid-19 we offer optimal possibilities for your event - with sufficient distance, digital solutions and all necessary hygiene standards.
You can find more information on the sub page "New formats".
Floor space 540 sqm (incl. gallery + hall gallery)
Room measure 18m length x 11m width x 7m height
additional gallery: 32m length x 3,18m width
Light darkeing possible
Floor light wooden parquet floor, metal ceiling
loading capacity: 500 kg/sqm
Technique 4 fixed crossbars with a distributed load of 230 kg, 3 load bars with 200 kg/draft, point loading 70 kg
Network LAN- and W-LAN
Electricity, heating high- power current connection (637A, 32A)
heating, air conditioning
Stage showcase stage with mobile podium
measure: 10m length x 5m depth x 1m height
platform area ca. 50 sqm
Elevator staircase 1 elevator 1,30m width x 2,20m depth
1500kg maximum load
Floor space 540 sqm (incl. gallery + hall gallery)
In rows 480 pax
Classroom style 297 pax
Banquet style 350 pax
Without chairs 898 pax


The Foyer has an adjoining self-supporting staircase to the Gallery Foyer; spread over two floors, the 440 sqm Foyer provides an ideal catering and exhibition venue for your event at the Frankfurter Hof.
Floor space 440 sqm (incl. gallery)
Room measure 13m length x 11,5m width
additional gallery: 31,5m length
Light darkening possible
Floor light wooden parquet floor
loading capacity: 500 kg/sqm
Electricity, heating high-power current/electric connection available (16A)
heating, air conditioning
Elevator 1 elevator: 0,80 m width x 1,40 m depth, 675 kg maximum load
Floor space 440 sqm (incl. gallery)
Banquet style 72 pax
Without chairs 400 pax