KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz History

In 2018, the KUZ was reopened in its old glory and new charm after a three-year renovation break. The new KUZ offers a variety of content across all sectors thanks to its various formats.

In 2015, the KUZ had to close due to renovation work. Until the end of 2015, a diverse cultural program took place within the walls of the industrial monument. The KUZ was a constant meeting place for music fans and dance lovers, but also for small children and their parents.

In 1981, parts of the building were rented to the Kulturzentrum Mainz. The cultural work began with theatre, music and cabaret events. The cultural programme was expanded every year.

In 1976, the city of Mainz acquired the building and Industrie- und Lehrwerkstatt eGmbH moved to another part of the city. A federal garden show was planned in cooperation with the city of Wiesbaden, the plans were not implemented.

In 1932, the building was sold to Industrie- und Lehrwerkstatt eGmbH. Apprentices of the large Mainz companies (Stadtwerke Mainz, Siemens, Dyckerhoff, Kalle-Albert etc.) were trained here. It was one of the first inter-company training centres in Germany.

In 1888, the red brick building was built by the Reichswehr as a garrison washhouse. At that time, there was a large military hospital on the neighbouring grounds (today Fort Malakoff and Hyatt Hotel). To the south of the building was a train station of the Hessenbahn and today's Römerschiff-Museum served as a locomotive hall.