Over the past two years we are in the grip of a pandemic, that has changed the landscape of medical conferences, training, and interaction. The Euro CTO club successfully conducted the annual meetings despite these restrictions in 2020 and 2021 and looks forward to the 14th edition of our meeting 2022. As in the previous meetings the appeal to interventional cardiologists will be further extended beyond Europe by combining the live feeling of an on-site meeting with advanced web-based interaction around the globe.

The 2022 edition will be conducted in close collaboration with the German working group on interventional cardiology of the German Cardiac society (AGIK). We will together have a special focus on presenting live case transmissions performed by world renowned operators, but also on a structured guide from basics to advanced techniques for beginners and those who want to perfect their skills to illustrate the progress of CTO recanalization techniques and enhance the discussion in an interactive way. The focus of these educative presentations will be to illustrate the steps required to build a CTO program, select the right patients, the right technique and the right strategy.

This will be complemented by simulators provided by our industry partners who showcase their latest product developments. Aside from the practical demonstration of techniques, we also provide an interactive forum to present cases by the participants in a challenging case contest hosted by the Board of the EuroCTO club.

We look forward to meeting all of you in Mainz on the banks of the river Rhine close to Frankfurt International Airport.


- 03.09.2022, Rheingoldhalle - Gutenberg-Saal

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